Nirvana Pet Memorial Garden (Semenyih)

My Beloved,

Remember those times when we are all alone. watching TV, having dinner or just feeling moody. Who have always been there to cheer us up? Just their lively presence can surely brighten up one's day.

They have always been by our side without asking for anything in return. As one of the family members, their companionship has given us years of joy and love that is irreplaceable.




Pet Urn Compartment (Block G - New)

PreNeed Pricing with
20% Down Payment
12 months installment
Level 1 & 9 = RM 4,500
Level 2 & 8 = RM 5,000
Level 3 & 7 = RM 5,500
Level 3A to 6 = RM 6,000
*RM500 one-time maintenance and facility fee included

Pet Burial Plot

28 sft (4' x 7')
PreNeed RM 8,800 with 20% downpayment and 12 month installment
AsNeed RM 10,800
*RM2000 one-time maintenance and facility fee included
**Special tomb design subjected to additional charge

Pet Funeral Service

Nirvana Pet Funeral Package - This is an exclusive service offering a one-stop funeral facility for your beloved pet. This exclusively designed and caring service can bring for the pet owner a total peace of mind and hassle-free solution. The owner can witness the dignity of the last journey of their beloved pet & ashe collection

富贵宠物殡仪服务 - 为宠物善终而打造,秉持著愛护动物的精神,提供一站式專业的宠物殡葬服务,令失去宠物的主人和家人,免卻一切繁琐的宠物身后事,同时可目睹挚爱宠物得以尊荣安息亲自捨骨灰,让主人留下永怀的回忆,倍感安慰。

Pet Funeral Price RM 2,800

1. Securing Release Of Pet Remains: 1 Body Van, 2 Workers (Inclusive of Driver)

2. Disinfecion Of Pet Remains

3. Body Care's Bag (Pet)

4. Burial (Pet Burial Casket) or Cremation (Cremation Casket + Pet Urn)

5. Flower Decoration

Pre Need = RM 2,300 with 20% Downpayment and 12 months interest free installent

Pet Services

For Klang Valley only

Price depends on weight and size.

Open daily 8.00am - 3.00pm

Additional surcharge of RM 150 after 4pm

Photo/video update to the owner during the cremation.

Contact us now for more information about Pet Funeral Service!

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