Baby Paradise 宝贝天堂


Babies who return to heaven before the earth attachment. A ‘life’ is born when the embryo begins to form and develop. According to the Buddhist Sutra of the Great Vows, parenthood revolves around repaying the debt of gratitude, paying injustice with justice, demanding spiritual debts and paying spiritual debts. However, some infants are fated to leave this world prematurely due to either a miscarriage, abortion or premature death. They return to heaven before the earth attachment and are affectionately known as the infant spirits.
This world is full of life and affection, and everyone wishes to be loved and pursue a joyful life far from pain. The loss of a little soul requires a tender spiritual care from the world too because they are still connected to heaven in the form of a full spirit incarnation. Their return to heaven is the one that demands love and support in many ways to flourish their soul. It frees their soul from purgatory as they enter the joy of heaven.

Baby Paradise

Now replaced by Ancestral Tablet

Baby Paradise Yearly Package (Tablet + Enlightenment Ceremony)

  • Babies Paradise tablets located in Multi-Purpose Complex (Semenyih)

  • Magnificent memorial hall provide a comfortable and harmonious environment.

  • 365 days of offering with chanting.

  • Dedicated 4 times (minimum) enlightenment ceremonies per year

  • Professional service to ensure a total peace of mind for purchasers

  • 24 hours security

寶貝天堂年度超薦配套 (牌位+超渡)







The ill-fated children do not get to live through a life span that they are entitled to and at the same time, they are denied reincarnation in the underworld. As such, they presence looms the living world, entangling their parents all the time. This will affect the ‘Yang’ energy of their parents, causing many adversities in life such as career obstacles and poor health. For parents who have suffered from either a miscarriage or abortion, it is time to release the soul of the ill-fated children from the suffering through devoted blessing rituals. This helps exorcise the inner guilt and frustration as the children find their sense of belonging and relief in the underworld.

Baby Funeral Service


  • Claim baby from hospital 到医院准备
  • Casket & Chanting Service 提供棺木和超渡
  • Cremation 火化
  • Travel to Port Klang 巴生港口
  • Take boat to sea & spread ashes 到海中撒骨灰
  • 到医院准备
  • 提供棺木和超渡
  • 火化
  • 巴生港口
  • 到海中撒骨灰

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